Jamalaya Day

Rita makes the best Jambalaya I ever tasted, but last night, using Clearview Farms ham, it was better than ever!

She’s great! And if for no other reasons than her cooking, I’ll keep her around!

Just kidding, the other things are important too … friendship, company, sex, intelligence, sense of humor,  spelling, vocabulary, love of life, optimism,  and so on.


beep, BEEP, B E E P! !!

With all the technology around today, why can’t the phone companies figure out that we really wanted to dial ‘1’ in front of our long distant calls. If they can plug you in to a recording saying: “beep, BEEP, B E E P, you must first dial a ‘1’ to make this call!

Why can’t they just do it for us?
Cell phone get it, why can’t phone companies?

Woman in my life

The woman in my life are coming today. Rita is flying into Pittsburgh tonight. Johanna will be here sometime between 10:00 tonight and 3:00am tomorrow, (assuming she gets in front of the winter storm watch).

Then there are my friends, Sue and Zoe who I slept with on the floor last night.  There are warm friends, but they smell like dogs.   

Been too busy at work lately, I need to slow down. Back still is bad – I have to get it under control.

Snow follow up

So, the #$@# FIT got stuck in the driveway this morning! In 1 1/2 inches of wintery mix! Going Downhill it slipped and slided – wanted to go off into the yard! I was able to get it to the flat part of the drive way before it got stuck! I could rock it back and forth, making progress about 1 foot at a time. Since it was then in the driveway blocking anything from going in or out, I couldn’t take the van and go to work. So, I rocked it to the end of the drive way where I could get it over and got the tractor out to clean the drive way up.

1 1/2 hours later I was able to get the FIT out to the road. Slipped and slided up the hill and then anti-locked the breaks around the corner going downhill to the main road. What a morning!
The rest of the day went about the same.
Got home around 8:00.
The dogs were ready for me.

Snow thoughts

So, the first winter storm is underway here. I it interesting how excited TV, people, and others get when it snows for the first time in Winter. Come on people! This is not a really blizzard. We will be luck to get over one inch. Some ice and freezing rain happens every year.

I have get up early to get to the store to get dog and cat food. Might as well see if there is some people food left after the first winter storm panic buying. Can’t run out of bread, TP and potato chips, can we?
The Fit is in the garage. The van is sitting outside cause the Kubota is taking up one bay and the mower deck in in the other. Hum, should I have built a larger garage?
Yes and no. Yes, one can always use more garage. No, one has to pay for it.
Time for sleep, I’m getting punchy.

Sue and Zoe – best friends

After spending all weekend at home with a dog/house sitter and missing both Rita and I, the dogs acted particularly attached to me and each other. Neither of them got over five feet from me that night.
The often lie together, but the night I got home, they snuggled up in this pose that I had to try to capture. My blackberry doesn’t do a good job at night, but you can see they are really best friends in this photo.

Another trip to Indiana

Last weekend, I road/drove with Rita and her Mom back to Indianapolis. Our Van was there getting fixed after breaking down on Rita three weeks earlier. Nine hours there, stayed overnight at Dawn’s, then Sunday, nine hours home.

Somewhere in the middle of Ohio, my back was really killing me. I took a Percocet, worrying that I might get sleepy. I didn’t get sleepy, or at least I didn’t remember getting sleepy. However, I don’t remember much of the rest of Ohio, so maybe I slept on that part of the trip.

Stopped by to purchase a large flat screen TV at Best Buy in Pittsburgh. Also, bought myself a Wii. That was an emotional, non-rational, childish purchase. So much for being an adult. Way I see it, if you can’t act like a child when your over 65, why live that long?

I got home around 6:00 pm. The dogs were very excited to see me.

So far, I love the TV. Don’t have high-def hooked up yet, but I can, at least, see the picture with these old eyes.

GPS update?

So, the other day, my Garmin GPS, we call her Gretchen, displayed a message saying it had been a year since the last map update and would I like to go online and purchase an update?

Now, folks, just how fast do they build roads nowadays? Even with the stimulus package roads don’t appear in 12 months. It takes that long to fix a pot hole in my part of the country. When GPS display pot holes, then I’ll consider updates every year of so, until then, I’ll pass on this.