desktop time

So, I was sitting at my desktop doing some consulting work for one of my clients.  It was not a big job, and that was good for with my current back issues, sitting at the desktop is something that I needed to limit my time doing.  It should take me less than 15 minutes to do this job.

So, in starting this minor technical thing, I ran into a glitch. Glitches are common in  technical work.  So, an hour later of investigating and figuring out how to deal with the glitch, I got back to the one thing I originally sat down to do.  The glitch had to do with something in WordPress and just before I shut down my own blog that I use to test things, I noticed a few errors in my blog posts. How log can it take to fix these few errors?

An hour later, my back hurting I got up to take a break.  I answered a call, then as I went to put my phone down, I noticed an email arrived. I checked it and saw I needed to do another minor task for another client of mine. I returned to the desktop, with a bowl of cereal in hand.

An hour later, now my back hurting more and my cereal bowl empty. I went to shut down my blog that I had been working on to fix those minor errors.  Hum, I never noticed that many of the posts I imported from my Google blogspot had some many ‘uncategorized’ entries.  That needed fixed.

An hour later, I was still not done, now my back is really hurting and I needed to sit in front of the piano to practice some pieces before my lesson tonight.

So after five hours of sitting in front of my PC, I got up from my chair and left my screen with the blog still needing work. I hobbled away, my back bent and leaning to one side.

And we wonder why we are so busy these days, and why our body aches.


Colorado Trip

My son,  Adam, is hiking the Colorado Trail, which is a 483 mile trail from Denver to Durango.  He plans on taking about six weeks to that

Along the way, he has planned various resupply points.  I plan on flying to CO Aug 5th through Aug 17th and plan on hooking up with him at one, or maybe , two resupply points.  They are marked on the map below with purple pins.

Map of Adam’s hiking plan, showing my plan to hook up.

Also, there is a 4 wheel drive road that goes from Silverton to Sony Pass where I may meet him on trail (of course I may bring water, candy bars, and non-trail food).

Here is a link to the 4 wheel drive trail.

I’m actually toying with doing that drive trail (60 miles?) from Lake City to Silverton, hooking up with Adam at Sony Pass.  That may be a hoot!

This blog entry was started in June, 2016.  The trip to CO was canceled due to my need to have an immediate open heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve.  (I also started a blog entry about that also that I'll post later.)  This blog entry was never finished or edited. I posted it here for archival reasons.

I Can’t Fix This

 Note: I first wrote this on November 11, 2016 as a post in my Facebook account.  I copied it to my blog for archival reasons, but didn’t make it public, for I normally want to keep my blog political free.  After a few months of consideration, thought, and healing. I decided to post it on my blog. I’m not too concerned about it being political for nobody reads my blogs except some of my family. And I consider them safe people from judging me.

When I was a parent of young children ,I would be on my way to the basement where my workshop was, and I would often find a broken toy sitting next to basement door.  I would take it to my workshop ,and more times than not, fix the broken toy. One time, I even took one to my place of work and had the engineers challenged as to how to fix it.  When it came to broken toys, my children may have thought that I could fix anything.

They carried that attitude into adulthood.  I would get calls to discuss them losing a job, a breakup in a relationship, or one of their kids acting out.  They would call to share in the moment, but they also wanted to see if I had some advice or secret that could fix whatever was going on.  Often, I would be able to shed some sanity into their life at the time. That may have enforced their opinion that I could fix anything.

Well, I can’t.

In the wee hours of November 9, 2016, we found that Donald Trump would be the next president.  Like stepping on a rake, shock hit us.

Donald Trump is a man who some think was one of the worst choices ever to run for president and others think he may be able to fix the wrongs of Washington.  Shock, anger, fear, disappointment, and many other dark emotions set in some like bad virus.  Others felt elated, happy, hopeful, and filled with good feelings like the sun shining after a long rain.

The gulf between those who despised Trump and those who saw him as a savor not only widened, but became impossible to cross.  Neighbors couldn’t talk to each other. Co-workers couldn’t discuss the results without anger and harsh words.  Social media was filled with posts and comments that contained the worst in many.  And, to be fair, the best in some.  News media focused on those negative traumas that got eyeballs or sold newspapers.

Many felt their world was broken.  And, in their eyes, it was broken.

Siblings exchanged messages that were filled with name calling, anger and hate.  Damage was done to relationships that events in Leadville were never able to do.

Well, I can’t fix it.

If I could, I would.  I know of nothing that should invoke such emotions and actions. But, this election did. Some of my children are handling disappointment much better than others. Some are not.  I want to step in the middle, wave my hands, yell, threaten, and send everybody to their rooms until they can be civil with each other.  But, I can’t. They are adults, not children. They need to be responsible for their behavior and deal with the ramifications of it.

 I can’t fix this.

And, I’m extremely sorry that I can’t.

Things on my mind

Just for the record, I don’t like my software changing without my knowing or agreeing to it.

I like to prepare for change. I like learning how to use software and then find ways it can better my life. If it changes without my being prepared for it, I find I spend more time trying to figure out what I use to know than I do bettering my life.  This is normal for ‘free’ software.  (Is there such a thing as “free” software? – Another topic for a post someday.)

Am I resistant to change? Maybe.  But I rather describe it as resistant to surprise change.

So, it has been two months since I last posted anything on Google’s Blogsspot.  Of course it is different than it was two months ago.  

Oh well, deal with it, one of my kids would suggest.

So, that was a long introduction into a post about what I did in April 2012.

The first two weeks of April, I was focused on getting my taxes done. It was somewhat complicated.  Two businesses, job, Social Security, Pension income.  I had already taken a peek at it and knew I was going to end up having a payment of about $3000.  One of the businesses made more than I expected and I just was not watching what was paid close enough.  I had sent a payment in around March, in order to avoid penalty.  

So the good news is that I have a son who is doing well financially so I asked him for a loan. He was very nice about it and sent me enough to cover a sort fall for a few months.  

Of course, I didn’t rush filing. Why should I? I owed $3000.  I field April 14.  

The last two weeks of April, I sent doing things that was ignored because I was doing taxes the first two weeks.

Getting the lawn mowers running, cutting grass, work (the job kind). Taking care of the house, dogs and cats while Rita took care of her Mom.  

And May? What about May?

Well I did some good things with Javascript to get some web site stuff running like I needed. (that link points to a temp url website were I’m plugging in a new shopping cart for  

 I hate Javascript.  It is powerful, but the syntax is sinful.  Not my kind of language.

I cut more grass.

I started digging ditches for the gas line to the kiln building and garage. (A topic for another post.)  And moved the website to where I have my website. I can host it for no additional money – saving us $100 a year.

We canceled our business phone. It i was only aggravating us with telemarketers and we saw not benefit for it being a business phone. Verizon could not get the yellow page listing correct, it was too expensive, and it was time to go.

I caught the Indy 500 on TV some. Missed my sister and her family.  Wondered if anybody was selling ice at her house or camping out back.  Lonely visits me sometimes and I find myself wanting to call my younger brother, sit down and have a beer with my sister, hear my older brother’s voice, hear my Dad play the saxophone, have get advice from my Mom. Wait!  She never gave any good advice, so guess I don’t miss that.

Enough, more later…