Who is this Fred K. Wilbur?

  • Son of Fred and Helen Wilbur,  Grandson of Charles Wilbur, decedent of Morgan and Elijah Wilbur. Brother of Brian, Gary, Dawn and Diane. Father of six.
  • Born in upper New York State, raised in Greencastle, Indiana, lived in 13 states, two countries, moved 33 times so far.
  • Worked for 17 companies, 8 of which were High Tech companies.  Spent 40 years working in technology, mostly working on systems software development.
  • Major accomplishments:
    • survived financial destruction from two divorces and six layoffs
    • designed and built our own home
    • recovered from open heart surgery to replace aortic valve.
    • programmed in over 20 languages, worked on 10 operating systems, and 10 hardware platforms. 
    • Hiked a 14,000 foot mountain (with aortic stenosis)
  • Worked for 56 years, starting at age 14 and retiring at age 72. Earning over 2.2 million dollars .  Stills does technical consulting part time.