Shadows on the Beach
Life is like walking on the beach. If you want your presence to live longer than a day, you need to make tracks. And even then, depending on where you walk, time may even erode those away.

This site is not made for the public. It is private and parts are password protected. If you happened to stumble here, you might as well leave. If you don’t you are at risk of being bored to tears.

This website has information about myself. It is a place for me to store information, thoughts, stories, and events that mean something to me.

This site contains my blog, writings, stories, things my wife and I built, and other ‘stuff’.

It is also a place for me to test various technologies and ideas. So if you purse this site, be advised, you may encounter errors and nonsense.

If you have a strong desire to contact me, you need to decipher the following: Fred has an email address that begins with his first name and is followed by the ‘at’ symbol, and then put the domain name behind all that. Figure all that out and now you can email me. When the day comes that AI has advanced enough for spammers to decypher this paragraph and send me junk mail, I may hand up my technology hat and become a Luddite.