Below are some of the building projects I and my wife, Rita,  have done.  They range from building a new house to making a patio.

Windblown Studio

The biggest undertaking we took was to build our own home and potter studio, called Windblown Studio.   In 1997, the farmhouse we owned in Western PA that we planned to retire to burned to the ground.  In 2004, we decided to build another house that would also contain a pottery studio for Rita to move her business from New Hampshire to.  After doing some prep work, in September, 2005 we broke ground and completed it in October 2006.

During the building process, I created a set of webpages that showed progress over the 13 months. You can see it by clicking here. 

Or you may view the 9 minute video below.

Since we moved in, we have continued to build on the property. Below are some of the various building projects and appears to be an ongoing activity.


In September 2009, we build a three car garage.  In August of 2010,  we had the garage doors installed and by September we had installed siding and painted it.   In May of 2012 we ran a gas line to the garage. and in September we  installed a boiler and heated the garage using the radiant heat tubes we installed when we built it.

Kiln Building

At the same time we build the garage, in 2009, we build a outbuilding that would become our kiln building for a gas kiln.  It was open on two sides.  In August of 2012 we built the gas kiln that we later decided to enclose it, so in 2014, we enclosed the two open sides.  One side we installed to large barn board doors, so we could open them for Raku firings.

Hot Tub Patio

Having a small hot tub in July of 2012, we build a patio to put it on.

Second bedroom

In late 2013, Rita’s mother came to say a while to recovery from hip surgery.  Since it looked like she may stay for some time, we decided to build an second bedroom in a corner of the studio.  We started in January finished it enough to move in by February.

Drawing Room

In 2015, Rita was frustrated with not having private studio space, so we partitioned the kiln building in half and build a heated room in it for Rita to use as the ‘Drawing Room’, her private studio.


There will be more added to this page later. Once one builds a house, they can get the building bug and have a hard time stop building something.