April Fools Day – I quite!

April Fools Day
Take this job and …. !

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Yes, today was my last day working as an employee. Some will call this retirement. I call it quitting.  I have been collecting Social Security for  a number of years already, so I can’t say that is retiring. I’m not sure how one defines retirement, but Wikipedia defines it as when one stops employment completely.  According to that, I’m retired.

But, I rather think I quite!
But wait! I will still work as a contractor through my own company. I’ll be my own boss now. All the decisions will be mine and the energy and hours that go toward working will benefit my company, not somebody else’s.  
It is freeing.  It feels good. It feels empowering.
First rule I’ll make is that I’ll declare April 1 a day of celebration.  Next April Fools day, I’ll take off work. I will celebrate the day I retired or quite.  The day I became free!  It is somewhat ironic that it is April Fool’s day for nobody is really truly free. 

One may ask, what about the regular paycheck?  

Ah, they are overrated.  It’s more fun to learn without them.

Catch me in a few months to see if I’m still thrilled to be not employed by somebody else. 

Until then, I”m happy to be free.

… You can take this job and shove it!
I ain’t workin’ here no more. …