April 1, 2015 will be my last day as an employee. I will be resigning or retiring from my day job at Keith’s. No more sales calls, no more trying to remember the SKU’s, no more unloading trucks in rain, no more regular pay checks.

I will miss my coworkers.

This is a freeing moment in my life.

No I have to train my brain to think for itself.  Train myself on how to select where and how I spend my time. I will still do technical  consulting, but I get to choose those tasks and when to do them. But, I can choose to not answer the phone. I get to put my energy toward my own goals. My efforts will help or harm me, not somebody who bought my time, talnet, expertise, and energy.

I will say that Keith’s has been good to me. Of all the jobs in my life, this one has not required me to compremise my values to make a paycheck. I attribute that to Dave Keith, the owner. I thank him for that.

Now, I get to start another chapter in my life. It may be the last, but it will be mine.