Another trip to Indiana

Last weekend, I road/drove with Rita and her Mom back to Indianapolis. Our Van was there getting fixed after breaking down on Rita three weeks earlier. Nine hours there, stayed overnight at Dawn’s, then Sunday, nine hours home.

Somewhere in the middle of Ohio, my back was really killing me. I took a Percocet, worrying that I might get sleepy. I didn’t get sleepy, or at least I didn’t remember getting sleepy. However, I don’t remember much of the rest of Ohio, so maybe I slept on that part of the trip.

Stopped by to purchase a large flat screen TV at Best Buy in Pittsburgh. Also, bought myself a Wii. That was an emotional, non-rational, childish purchase. So much for being an adult. Way I see it, if you can’t act like a child when your over 65, why live that long?

I got home around 6:00 pm. The dogs were very excited to see me.

So far, I love the TV. Don’t have high-def hooked up yet, but I can, at least, see the picture with these old eyes.