Kiln firing in NH – April

Rita and It took a trip to MA and NH to visit family, friends and a business meeting. During the time there, we participated in a gas kiln firing with our old ‘Gas House Gang’ friends.

The picture on the left is where the kiln is mostly loaded. It was late – getting dark. We candled all night and then fired the next day, Saturday, April 17th.
After the firing, we partied, which is traditional. It takes about 24-36 hours for the kiln to cool down enough to open.
Monday morning, April 19, we opened the kiln which is pictured next.
The one large pot on the lower right is one of mine. The other is in back and came out OK, but not worth putting a picture on line about. All-in-all it was a good firing, but more importantly, it was good to establish contact with the GHG again.