May 2018 – Update

Here it is mid May already.  

Delaney spent a week with us.  She and I took a road trip from May 8 to 11 to Massachusetts to visit family.  

Note to self: don’t ever offer to pick up the tab for dinner with this crew. They drink and eat well and let you pay for it. 

We did have a good time and Delaney got to spend some time seeing family she hadn’t seen in some time. 

Delaney moved into her new apartment on May 13. Due to my bad back and the apartment being on the 4th floor, Rita took her and helped her move in. 

Due to rain and thundershowers, we has to postponed the Labrobe Senior High School Raku firing for a week.  

Rita went to Jen’s for a day 1/2 visit.

We got a big tent to take to Greencastle to camp on Rita Mom’s place for her 100th birthday party.  It rained all week so we set it up in the studio.   It’s BIG!


I tried to nurse my back back to no pain, but cutting grass does test it.