Neat Technology

Over the past 60 years or so, there has been many advances in technology. Some good. Some not so good.

Below is some of my thoughts on that topic.

The mainframe: Made lots of money for lots of people.

The ATM: Great invention. We can go to a machine, insert a card and get cash back! The best thing about an ATM is that  you can do that 24 hours a day! No human needed. (well that we have to talk to)

The answering machine:  I didn’t like this device until I got my second divorce. Enough said?

The PC: Great invention. Bill Gates may have help make it pervasive, but I question the value of his OS.

Internet/Web: Information at one’s finger tips. Now, that’s great! Only problem, like this blog, there is a lot of useless stuff out there as well.

Mouse:  In my opinion, this is one of the worst inventions. Come on!  Try to move this arrow thingie around the screen until it gets where you want it – normally a very small place – then press a button. Is that video gameish or what?  Lousy user interface.

iPad: Only the beginning. A great one, but not without concerns.

Cell phone:  I’m not sure about this. Now everyone expects to be able to reach anyone at anytime, anywhere.  I’m not sure…

Smart phone: A cell phone trying to be a PC. No matter how much smarts they put into a phone, the screen is still too small to be of great value to us old folks. Oh, the touch screen?  Well, how do you like trying to hit th ‘s’ key on a screen with fat fingers and always get the ‘a’  That is a far way from kicking aaa.

Twitter/facebook/myspace/ – Modern version of where the voyeur and exhibitionist meet.

Google:  Without it, the Web would be like a blind person looking for moral mushrooms somewhere on the plant Earth.

AI: Still growing up. But when it does, we humans will be in serious trouble.

There are many more and I do them a grate injustice.