Sue still missing

This sucks!

One minute you are hopeful, thinking she be around the corner of the road, sitting on the porch as we pull into the driveway, or scratching on the door to come in.
The next minute, you are overcome with loosing her. Deer in the field brings tears to your eyes for you know she isn’t around to chase them. Rabbits in the drive way. Her food dish. Her pull toy. Toby acting strange. A dog hair on you black pants.
This sucks!
You want to get angry but that does no good. You feel you are not doing enough, but know of nothing else to do.
This sucks!
So, I built this web site tonight. Did that hurt!
I’ll spread the word, tell more people, sent out more flyer’s and fight the anger and wipe away the tears.
This really sucks!