Sunday working outside

Today was the day to get done what I put off doing yesterday. I did laundry, changed the sheets in the beds, found the Arrow air mattress had a hold in it, patched it, vacuumed the Glazing loft, went to the store and made up the beds. I spliced the 100amp cable that will run from the garage to the cabin. I got most of the conduit in but needed an LB so I wasn’t able to hook the cable to the electric panel. I then cut the rest of the field which will be the last cutting for the year. I can now take the mower deck off the tractor, winterize it and put it away for winter. I will need to get the backhoe installed to bury the cable, maybe I can get that done before real cold weather sets in.

Sue went with me outside to work but Zoe didn’t want to go out so she stayed inside. About ten minutes later, I went inside to get something and she had dumped the Kitchen garbage waste basket and scattered dog food containers all over the house and studio. I scolded here and made her go outside while I cut grass.

Dinner was bad frozen pizza and popcorn. Saw the second Transformers movie. Took a nap during it so that tells me it wasn’t that good of a movie. It was lonely today and tonight. Miss Rita.