Time Passes

Just after the first of 2015, when thoughts turn to the past year, things done and not done, the next year and a new to-do list.  

Thoughts continue and time passes.

Before you know it, February 5 is upon us.  “Wow!” you say out loud, “How did time pass so fast?”

Then you stumble upon this blog.  “Wow!” you think.  “I haven’t posted anything since March of 2103.  My one follower may think me expired.”  Not really, that one follower may me me.

So you look around. Your friend in NH posted a series of pictures for the snow storm that hit New England. His last post was back in 2013.  I remember reading it, thinking it was just a few months ago.

My friend in PA has a blog. His post was last was Oct, 2012 and wasn’t it last year when he had the exchange student?

My technology blog is stale – last post March, 2013.

How does time slip by?  

We just are not paying attention.

So, post this one and get credit for doing something in 2015.

I started this post at 5 PM. It is now 5:40. How does that happen?

Internet time is different than sleep time, or eating time, or watching a stupid TV commercial time.  Or counting birthday’s or Sunday’s or winters.

That is why Albert developed the theory of relativity.