Not much has happened recently.  Last week, I went in for EMG test on my right leg to determine the extent of any nerve damage due to my back disc issues.  After shooting electricity down my leg from my buttocks to my toes, I’m not sure what it told them, but I was ready to tell any secrets I had. There was a time when my leg was twitching that I asked: “Are you testing or torturing me?”  His reply was: “It could be both.”  

I’ll get the results in a few weeks after the doctor sees them. Again, it has me wondering when did it become the standard for medical people to own your medical information instead of you?  I can’t see the results until my doctor sees them.That’s bogus!  It’s my body. I paid for the tests.  Well, that can be somebody else’s cause to fix. I’m too busy to fix that problem.  But I already vented about that  a while ago (see post titled “Medical Information”

Work has been busy, 10 – 12 hour days. But, I am beginning to see the slow down starting. Soon, I’ll be back to 8 hour days and will looking for some home projects to do.

Oh, last weekend, I also made some pots for the annual groundhog day event in Punxsutawney.  Rita gets a booth there and sells groundhog pots we make.  I made Shot glasses.

We have this pet groundhog (actually a family of them) that we turn loose in the studio when the pots are freshly made and the clay is soft in hopes they walk on the pots – putting their footprints in them.

If the groundhogs get too lazy, we turn Toby, our black and white cat, loose in the studio with them to stir them up.  We end up with some good footprint when the groundhogs bounce off the freshly made pots.

If you thinking the big pot in the picture is a large shot glass, it could be. However, it is intended to be a vase.  There is another small vase in the row of shot glasses. Can you find it?

 I’ll post a picture of these after they are glazed.

I also created a blog for so our  supper club could share food experiences, recipes and stuff.  It is  We had our first dinner and it was a lot of fun.

Rita will be going to Albuquerque right after Groundhog’s day to help Jen with moving to New York.  I’ll be here with the dogs and cats for two weeks by myself.