A new year.

Ending in zero, divisible by 10 and 3. It is year I was taught that the odds were against me seeing. When I was in high school, the life expectancy for men was such that I would be dead by this year.
So much for high school.
So, last year can be summarized as energy spent with family, building, working for someone else, and working in our business. Of course there were a few camp outs, dog stick playing, sledding, stilt making, back aches, and other medical stuff to keep on healthy. But for the most of it, we worked our butts off.
So, what does 2010 hold? Well, a commitment to be more healthy, which means eating better, more exercise, loosing weight, and taking care of ourselves better. I would like to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
I would like to purge myself of clutter and apply focus better. I would like to be more compassionate, improving my listing, and communicate with those I love. Finish some of our building projects. Get garage doors, flooring in the house, storm/screen doors, finish trim, grow something on our 15 tillable acres, and get my fat dog to trim down before she blows out a hip.
That’s enough. Probably over committed, but hey, lofty goals are worthy ones.
Oh, and I have to shovel the porch and clean the driveway a few times before then.