Dr Visit today

After waiting an hour for the neurosurgeon, he and his PA had me walk on my toes, heals, hit me with a hammer in a few places and then declared that I needed surgery. They had read the MRI results.

I asked a few questions and some regarding his experience with back surgery. It was then that I found he had no lack of ego. I think the question that got him was when I asked: “How come the other specialist didn’t say I needed surgery 14 months ago when she read the same MRI you saw?” He didn’t even get it that I was suggesting he was recommending I do what he knew best and made a living at. He just told me that he was better at reading MRI than she was.

I asked if maybe we should get a new MRI before we rush to conclusion. He was somewhat taken back by the fact he was working off a 14 month old MRI and didn’t know it. (I just love deflating egos and try to do it gently, but probably wasn’t to gentle in this case.) So we will get a new MRI and meet again a few days later.

I will check this guy out. This is not something I will do without knowing and feeling good about doing it.
Saying that, my back pain is worst today than it has been in the last four or five days. Go figure!
And, oh, what did I do while I waisted my time waiting Mr. Ego to honor me with his presence? I read the ‘Year in Science Discover’ magazine front to back. Then, just because they pissed me off waiting for an hour and never saying they were sorry, I took their magazine home for Rita to read.