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PCT Blogging Test

This is a blog test.  

Adam creates content in his iPhone using Notes which is shared  with his dad.  We are testing ways to get content from the PCT to the Internet. The process is not as simple as copy and past.  The process of getting it into blogger is still under development.

Below is a sample of what a thru-hiker does 40 days before they start a 2600 mile hike.  It is in Adam’s words.

3/3/18 – Today I put the finishing touches on the gear I need for the PCT. It starts with a drive around town looking for running shorts that I could wear on my hike. I decided to opt for running shorts instead of my hiking shorts to save some weight and have something that’s cooler to wear in the desert.

After all,  I can’t exactly hike the PCT dressed like this…

My REI dividend was available today also so I finally bought the last few pieces of gear I was waiting to buy: trekking poles, a long sleeve lightweight shirt which will be better for the desert, and some final miscellaneous items.

In the afternoon, I put on a full pack and took a 4.5 mile walk in weather that is very unusual for this time of year. It was about 70° and sunny.

3/4/18 – Having been on a thru hike before, the time I spend leading up to this one is a lot different. I am really noticing the things that you take for granted: running water, the  fridge full of food, a roof over your head, clean clothes to wear, etc.

But mostly, I realize I’m going to miss my family.

Husky puppy playing with stuffed toy
Tsirku playing with his favorite toy
And my dogs. 

Well that’s enough for now, I am going to walk around the dog park with my wife and puppies.