A New World

Writing about this pandemic is not easy.
Facts are hidden in a sea of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. 
News follows us around like a toddler in need of a diaper change.
Decisions test our morals far more than we want.
Emotions are up and down like a yo-yo.

Living with this is not fun.
Thinking about this is hard.
Writing about this is very hard.
Here is my take:

  • First, there is no normal.
  • COVID 19 is a virus, not a war.
  • Wars are stupid.
  • We live in an environment where the virus lives
  • No one knows what the future holds.
  • No one knows the right answer.
  • There are a lot of wrong answers
  • The future does not have to be grim.
  • We decide how we behave
  • Leadership only works if people follow.
  • We can’t go back to what it was like.
  • The ‘good old days’ were not so good.
  • If we can’t deal with this, how can we ever handle global warming?.
  • If we are not dead, we are alive.
  • We are alive.
  • We can deal with life.
  • The top 50 pleasures don’t list toilet paper.
  • Values are stronger once tested.
  • Life tomorrow will be different than today. It always is.
  • We decide how we treat each other.
  • Your head in the sand doesn’t work.
  • Nor does thinking negatively.
  • We can sacrifice for the others.
  • We can spread kindness.
  • We can infect others with love.
  • We can decide what the future looks like.
  • We can make a new world.
  • We get to do this.
  • We CAN do This