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Unconditional Love

by Zoe

Zoe 2007 (estimate) – 10/23/ 2019

Let me show you unconditional love.
I know I am only a dog, a small one at that,
but my love is endless and runs very deep.
There are no strings attached.

Before you, I was kicked, yelled at,
starved, and dirty.
I was rescued from city streets,
given to you,  to make me pretty.

You took me in and showed me love.
In return, I licked your face,
turned over your wastebaskets,
looking for food and a safe place.

Please be patient with me, for it takes a while
to learn to walk in front again.
And that happy dance I do when you fix my food?
It’s because you are becoming my best friend.

I can’t help but quiver when it thunders.
When you call my name, I will come to you.
And when you pick me up, I melt in your arms
and know I will be safe with you.

When you hold me, I hear your heartbeat
I feel your warmth and smell the real you.
I’m so happy to be here.
Can I stay for a while, with you?

I can’t fight bears, catch rabbits, or kill a groundhog.
But I will chase deer and bark at those who don’t belong,
or  sit with you while you read
or walk when you let me go along.

You asked why I watch you so often.
It is because I wonder who
would love me for just the way I am.
Because, I love you in just that way, too.

And when you go away, I wonder if
maybe you are gone for good.
I sit, wait and watch until you return
Then, I know I may have misunderstood.

I explode with happiness
dance, yelp, and jump all over you.
You have come back to me!
You really do love me, don’t you?

We have had many wonderful times.
Car rides, camping, and cooking outside.
I love sleeping in your bed
just a lick away, lying above your head.

I have had so many friends
The big dogs, Sue and Molly.
Those big cats, Charlie and Toby
And that pesky new kitten, you call Sophie.

But now, my body has failed me.
I can’t help that it causes me to hurt.
I see the concern in your eyes
and feel the pain it causes your heart.

I have to go now. I will not return.
I will need your help to do that.
It hurts me, knowing its hurting you.
Please remember my love is unconditional.