activity thoughts

First Blog Post

Rita is away, taking care of her mom, who at 92, is recovering from back surgery. So, that leaves me at home with Sue, Zoe, Toby and Charlie, our two dogs and two cats. Other than working full time and overtime at my day job, I get to teach her pottery classes, work on the garage which we are trying to complete, take care of the house, yard, and do some technical work on the side.

Keeps me busy.
So, I started this blog in order to test out blogging, since I have some technical work to do in that area and to see if it is a place to store my thoughts, musings, stories, to do lists, and other things that can be expressed in writing.
I’m also looking for an alternative to Facebook Twitter, which I joined as a way to keep in touch with my kids and family.
So, now I must leave and get my butt to work.