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Has Everything Been Invented?

I thought I had invented a new breakfast sandwich. I’m passionately creative. I can’t help myself. I like coming up with new ideas, building things, creating with clay, music, stories, and more. I often wake up thinking of a new gizmo like a motorized skate board, only to find out it was invented years ago. […]

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How to get Audible books without a membership

Say you are looking for something to listen to on that long car ride you are taking. You go to Amazon and find a book someone told you about. Maybe it is a book by David Drayer titled “Strip Cuts”. You see the Audiobook for $0.00 and notice there is a catch. You do not […]

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As we pass through life, some of us leave a trail for others to follow, Some leave destruction for others to fix.  I rather leave hints. – Fred Wilbur 2019

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How are you defined?

Some use the wrong criteria to define themselves. Here are my thoughts on that.

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Hiking with my Daughter

This post is a story. It is fairly long one for a post – about 5,800 words. It is about a hike my daughter and I took in early July, 2018. But it also contains back stories about events leading up to that hike. All the stories in this post have a common theme. I’ll let the reader figure out what they are. Comments are welcome.