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How to get Audible books without a membership

Say you are looking for something to listen to on that long car ride you are taking. You go to Amazon and find a book someone told you about.
Maybe it is a book by David Drayer titled “Strip Cuts”.

You see the Audiobook for $0.00 and notice there is a catch. You do not want to do a trial membership. Trial memberships are good if you don’t forget to cancel them. You don’t want to buy the hard copy and add the audible narration. You just want to buy the audio version. You don’t see how to do it without signing up for a trial membership.

You scratch your head. You stroke your chin. You are confused.

You think about Googling “audiobooks”. But, wait! There is a way.

Click on that icon that says Audiobooks.

The screen changes.

On the right side, you still see an offer for the audiobook with a free trial. It still looks like the only way to get it is to sign up for a trial membership.

But look closely at that right-side panel.

Notice at the bottom of that panel there is a “Buy with 1-click” option. If you click on that, it turns into a button.

Now, you can click on that orange button to purchase the audio version without doing anything with a membership.

There are some small details to finish the process:

  • If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you will need to establish one. Amazon will guide you through establishing one when you push the Buy now with 1-Click button.
  • You will need the Audible application installed on the device you want to use to listen to the audiobook. If you don’t know how to do this, either click on how to install the audible application, or search for it yourself.
  • You will need an account for your Audible application and you need to sign into it. You need to use your Amazon account to do that. After you sign in to the Auible application, Amazon will download all the audiobooks you purchased to it.
  • Find your book in your Audible library, push a few buttons, maybe connect your device to a bluetooth speaker, your car audio system, ear pods, or headphones and you are on your way. (Do not use headphones or ear pods if you are driving.)

BTW, if you aren’t sure you want to listen to the book, try the sample at the left of the screen.

Happy listening.

PS: There are other ways one can listen to audiobooks without using Audible and buying them on Amazon. There is the free LibriVox website. There is Chirp Books (another application like Audio and they sometimes at good discounts). And there are others.