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Has Everything Been Invented?

I thought I had invented a new breakfast sandwich. I’m passionately creative. I can’t help myself. I like coming up with new ideas, building things, creating with clay, music, stories, and more. I often wake up thinking of a new gizmo like a motorized skate board, only to find out it was invented years ago. But, I can’t stop creating.

I was fixing breakfast and wanted to eat up the last of the homemade bread before it started growing mold. I really wanted toast with peanut butter. It triggers found memories from the 50s when I was nine years old and my friend’s mom used to make homemade bread on Saturdays. She would bring out a warm slices with peanut button on it. We were in heaven.

So, I decided to have homemade bread and crunchy peanut butter, 2022 style. As I was slicing the bread, I noticed the my wife had left an avocado out for us a few days ago. It was soft and near over-ripe. She was busy teaching in her pottery studio so I snatched it up. It needed to be eaten now!

I prepared the avocado. I had two slices of toast, but only enough avocado for one. When I sat down and saw one slice of toast with avocado and the other with crunchy peanut butter. I thought, “why not?”. Making sure nobody was watching, I put them together and found I have invented a wonderful breakfast sandwich – Avocado and Peanut Butter Toast! I was so proud of myself.

Then I Googled it, I found entries from 2010.

Disappointedly that I have invented something that has been around for years, I wondered if everything has been invented already.

As I started cleaning up my breakfast dishes. I thought of Rumba-like device that would pick your dishes and load the dish washer for you.