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Google Docs – Made Easy

On September 23, 2019, I put on a workshop for writers to introduce Google Docs. This handout contains links that will get you to the full content of the workshop.

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Tomato Puree

Twenty tomatoes fresh from the garden wanting to become something, like purée. She had to go do something for her elderly Mom, And left them, sitting there, alone, with me. I first lined them up like soldiers and gave them a bath. Then, in this big pan I found, I boiled some water. I submersed […]

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How are you defined?

Some use the wrong criteria to define themselves. Here are my thoughts on that.

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Evaluating Issuu

Issuu is an online document publishing software.  This post documents my evaluation of it. There are four plans: Free, $19, $35, and $269 per month.  I was using the Premium version during the trial period (two weeks).  Note: when you sign up for the trial version, you have to provide your credit card and unless […]

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AI Advancement

This is a drabble . A drabble is a short work of fiction that is precisely 100 words. This is my first attempt to write a drabble. I took a blog post from July 2018 titled “How AI May Happen” that was 613 words and condensed it down to 100 words.