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AI Advancement

This is a drabble . A drabble is a short work of fiction that is precisely 100 words. This is my first attempt to write a drabble. I took a blog post from July 2018 titled “How AI May Happen” that was 613 words and condensed it down to 100 words.

AI Advancement


 2031:  You walk into your media room and hear: “Good morning.  Today Super AI is now available. You may get it for only 1,000 credits, plus shipping and handling. Do you want to place an order now?”




2041:  After giving your system a command to turn off, you hear, “Sorry, I can’t do that, per article 3.2.7-3, to maintain benefits, I must continuously monitor your activities.



2051: Your life-partner bot reminds you: “Today, you will remotely terra farm section 2-A.”





2061: Bodies are redundant.  Your experience, knowledge and personality are loaded into a SuperAI-Hum-Form. You exist only electronically.