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Google Docs – Made Easy

On September 23, 2019, I put on a workshop for writers to introduce Google Docs. This handout contains links that will get you to the full content of the workshop.

Google Docs – Handout

by Fred Wilbur – September 23, 2019

Make it Simple:

  • Stay in the simple or moderate zone of learning
  • Stay focused
  • Learn in steps
  • build on the base of what you just learned.

Links: – Google site created for Google Docs Workshop. Contains links to how-to documents, slide show, and other stuff. – Blog post – Presentation

Learning Tips:

Here are a few websites you can go to to learn more. 

  • Try it – use the explore function
  • Search: “Google Docs Tips”
  • Search for “Google Docs issues”
  • Search for “Google Docs how to use”