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Flash Fiction

This is to document what I learned about Flash Fiction in the past few days.  Depending on who you read, it is defined anywhere from Ernest Hemingway’s six word story: “For Sale, baby shores, never worn.” to stories containing 1000 to 1500 words.  According to Wikipedia, there are  280-character stories (also known as “twitterature“); the “dribble” (also known as the “minisaga,” 50 words); the “drabble” (also known as “microfiction,” 100 words); “sudden fiction” (750 words); flash fiction (1,000 words); and “micro-story”.

After doing research and reading some samples online, I concluded that there is a lot of bad flash fiction out there.  I tried to write my own “Sudden Fiction” – staying to the criteria of being exactly 750 words with a title of 15 characters.  In doing this story, I also added my own criteria.  I wanted to engage the reader, make it so he, or she, wanted to read more, develop a character and have a plot with an ending. It is posted under the title “Justified Murder“.    I may come back to it later to edit it.  After reading so much bad stuff online, I feel this can be added to that pile.  But, maybe that is just my insecurities thinking.

Flash fiction is not new for me. In 2011, I tried my hand at writing some six word memories,  Some of them follow:


I want to ALT+CNT+DEL my life.

Logical, dyslexic, passionate, arrogant, smart ass.

Left behind, What? Just more questions?

That’s interesting. I think. Maybe not.

 Asked for unconditional and got alimony.

Didn’t hug those I love enough

Search for meaning and found none.

Starts often, finishes less, completes none

Eric, Serena, Kirsten, Chris, Adam, Johanna

Text messages are for small thinkers

Sum my life in six words?

But six words are not enough!

You got to be kidding me!

Then  wonder, what happened in the eight years between 2011 and now?    That’s another story….