Grandchild’s story of our Dog, Sue

“When I first met Susie, I was like “EEEEEE!” and I was hanging on your leg.  Remember that, Mama?   She sniffed me.  I think she licked me too.  Sometimes cats and dogs have really wet noses, you know.  When we went outside with her she would just run and jump in [the river] and drink and drink and drink until she was all wet.  Then she came back to the house and she was all muddy and wet and Grammy Rita says “Stay outside you wet dog!” But I just let her in all the time.  But Grammy got a towel and rubbed her skin.  You know how dogs do this [wiggle, wiggle] when they are wet to get all the stuff and germs out?  She did that thing.  Then she was a little dry.”

Story from my granddaughter, Georgia, age 4, sent to me from her Mom, Johanna – Aug 26, 2010