Who cares?

Dave B died last week. We worked together at a high tech company for a few years. I was his manager.  The online obituary had lots to say about how good a person he was (it is edited, of course). The day after the service, many got on with their lives and will forget him for most of their daily activity.  For those close to him, it will take longer for that to happen.

Really, who cares in the big picture.  Many of us and the DaveB’s in the world don’t have a holiday defined after us, we didn’t name a planet or star, we haven’t published a book, or will go down in history, so there is little stimulus to remember us after we are gone.  We may leave a few cyber tracks, but they will also fade after time.

I didn’t know Jim B died for a whole year after he died.  Only thought about him a few times in that year, but not when I could take action. When I finally did take action, it was 12 months after he died and his wife, who probably thinks of him daily, still, had to tell me about him passing.

Sue is though of when my screen saver presents a picture of her or I see a dog playing stick. But not daily does that happen.

Diane, Brian, Gary, Fred, Helen, are gone and they are not remembered but  by only a few.

And when I’m gone?  Who  will really care?

Some, but not many.