groundhog pots

For the past three years, Rita and I make pottery and impress groundhog footprints in the clay. Rita takes the pieces  to Punxsutawney on Groundhog’s day and sells them to people who come there to visit that day.  Why anybody would want to come to Punxsutawney to see a groundhog being manhandled by some guys in top hats is beyond me.

Neither she or I think highly of these pottery pieces, but they do sell, and it is a relatively easy way to make some money. 

This year I was too busy to help much, but I did sit down two weekends ago and made a couple dozen of shot glasses. I posted pictures of the set of bisque pieces a few posts ago.  I glazed them last week and we sold all but four of them.

 Below is the table full of all we had this year.  Rita made most of the pottery. 

Want to buy the teapot or big yellow bowl?  We have it left over as well as four shot glasses.

Rita said she wanted them to be colorful.  So we glazed for color. 

This bowl  was my favorite.