Valentine’s Day or Walking in the woods on a lonely day

The following poem was inspired by Robert Frost and Rita being away on Valentines Day, which was the first time that happened in 20 years. I was lonely and created this for her. Thank you Robert for providing a base for my creativity outlet.

Whose woods these are I think I know.
Our house is near, just a stone’s throw.

My dog, Sue, will walk with me here.

To see the woods all filled with snow.

The little dog, Zoe, must think it queer.
To be stuck inside the house so near

While Sue and I walk near the creek

After the snowstorm of the year.

Sue wags her tail and digs with her feet

Looking for something in the snow to eat.

The snow on the bridge gives both of us a scare.

We cross it carefully on an icy sheet.

Moments like these I want to share

Pictures are good, but don’t compare.

The woods are lonely with you there.

The woods are lonely with you there.