June 2, 2020

Tuesday is garbage day. It is funny how we mark days of the week in retirement.

Tractor parts are in, but there was no call today to pick up the gearbox. Tomorrow, I’ll call again. Bob offered his tractor for me to borrow. He is nice, but today looked wet, so we worked on the wall instead.

We got a call from somebody interested in buying studio time for his wife. He said he left us a voice message a week ago. I called our voice message system and we had 11 messages! Apparently something changed and we are not notified that we have messages. I spent 20 minutes trying to find out how to set the notification and/or the number of times it rings before the call goes to Verizon’s message system. I got so frustrated with Verizon that I tried to call to see if I could cancel the phone service and keep Internet. I can’t call them, I had to request they call me. I requested a call at 11:00 this morning. They never called back.

Tomorrow, we see about that.

We started working around noon and worked until 3:00. Rita helped, but she is timid on spacking. I’ll have to take some pictures.