June 3, 2020

The morning started early, around 5:30 am with Molly, my dog, barking at something outside. Rita had gotten up earlier, fed her and her out. Molly likes to bark at deer, rabbits, or the dark. I got up, called her and let her in. She limped in, her back left leg barely touching the ground. She had hurt it two days ago running down the bank and I think she hit a hole and twisted something.

I spent time trying to fix a WordPress issue with one of the websites. Then I decided to migrate it to the new hosting company Sarah and I are sharing.

I got started working on the wall around 10:00, took a break for breakfast, then back on the wall until 1:00. The first coat of spackle is done.

Tried to call Auto Clinic to get new tries for the Transit so we can drive safely to Laguna in Ohio to get clay. They didn’t answer.

Called the tractor place and my gearbox is ready. Took a short nap and will go pick it up around 3:00.

By 6:00 I got the gearbox back on the mower deck along with new blades. I still need to grease various fittings and hook it up to the mower. That will be tomorrow’s task.