June 4, 2020

Writing every day is often a routine many writers say they do. It doesn’t not matter what you write, as long as you write. I’m not in that camp of thinking. I do believe practice does improve skills. But, I’m not sure practicing simple activities does much for you except maybe make your fingers hurt.

Yesterday started like many mornings lately. I work with some pain and after a cup of coffee, I went to the garage to finish fixing the mower deck. I had to lower it down so I could put the last part on and grease the various fittings. I then put it on the tractor and tested it. I immediately smelled burnt rubber so I check the mower belt and found I had not put it on properly. It was not in the proper position on the right side pully. I fixed it, tested it again and it appears fine.

I then went inside to work on the wall until the grass was dry enough to mow. I got the second coat done on the great room side of the wall. Cody came to visit and pick up a mug that just came out of the glaze firing. He hung out a while. I finished the wall around 2:00 and then went outside to mow. I cut the cabin grass, then some of the lower field. It started to rain around 4:00, so I quit. We took Cody home and went to Punxy to pick up the Transit that was having new tires put on.

I was worn out by 5:30 and it was still wet when we got home. We had baked potatoes for dinner, watched a silly stupid movie on TV and got to be around 9:00.