June 5, 2020

This morning I decided to make banana bread. Rita helped. About the time I put it in the oven, she left to pick up clay in Bylesville, OH at Laguna.

I then worked on the website. It appears that the SQL database has some issue. Whenever you go there, you get a screen that asks to install WordPress. was going to move it to the new hosting company, but I have no backup of the content that I can use to recreate the site. I went back to iPage to see if I could fix it.

The banana bread come out OK, but I wouldn’t write home to my Mom about it. (She’s dead)

I spent hours on this with no progress. I finally gave up in frustration feeling totally technically incompetent and hating WordPress for being so complicated.

I worked on the wall for two hours, vacuum some and cleaned up dishes.

Rita got home around 7 pm.