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My Son is hiking the PCT

So my Son Adam is hiking the PCT. He started on April 19 and plans on being on the 2600 mile trail for 5 – 6 months.

He asked me to update his blog from emails he sends me and pictures he puts up on the a cloud server. You can find is blog at:  

resting on the PCT
Life is tough on the PCT

I’m also following other thru hikers that are also posting blogs that are hiking in the same area as Adam.  I’m waiting for one of them to blog about the other or for one of them to report trail conditions that I can pass on to others.  You can find other PCT bloggers at:

He uses Google’s blogspot and I use WordPress.  This has been an interesting technical experience.  Knowing enough html to get by, I appreciate software that allows one to do blog entries without having to use html to post what they want. So far, WordPress wins.  

Later this summer, my daughter, who lives and teaches in MA, and I plan on hiking in western PA. We are trying to decide if we can do 85 miles or 45. But the way my back is acting up after rebuilding garden beds, we may end up doing a few hundred feet to camp out in our woods.

I’ll try to post events leading up to and including our hiking experience.