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Reunion question of 2017


Rita and I want to answer the question of attending a family reunion this year.  We have given this a lot of thought because we really enjoyed seeing everyone and watching them interact.

 Having a reunion at Rick’s place is problematic for the east coast travelers (many of my immediate family). Our place is conveniently midway between mid-west family and east coast family.   Rita and I could offer to host it here to remove that traveling concern, and we would be pleased to do that if it were not for another issue that has emerged this year.

This issue is the division in the country and family due to the election.  The election has caused emotions and intensity to reach an extreme level.  The nation is divided and many people can’t talk to each other about topics surrounding it without reverting to name calling, anger, and other negativity.  This is true within our own family.  As kind of an elder of this clan, I want to tell everyone to go to their rooms and stay there until they can treat each other respectfully.  However, that demand does not work with independent adults.  And I like my family to be independent.

After much discussion and thought, Rita and I have concluded that it is too soon for some to put their beliefs and political feelings aside to enjoy each other.  I suggest we postpone the reunion until next year. That way, time may tone down emotions  and give us a chance to realize that family is more important than politics.

Sorry to be so blunt and hope you do not see this as unreasonable.  You all are way too important to me to allow the current political environment to ruin our relationships.