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Colorado Trip

My son,  Adam, is hiking the Colorado Trail, which is a 483 mile trail from Denver to Durango.  He plans on taking about six weeks to that

Along the way, he has planned various resupply points.  I plan on flying to CO Aug 5th through Aug 17th and plan on hooking up with him at one, or maybe , two resupply points.  They are marked on the map below with purple pins.

Map of Adam’s hiking plan, showing my plan to hook up.

Also, there is a 4 wheel drive road that goes from Silverton to Sony Pass where I may meet him on trail (of course I may bring water, candy bars, and non-trail food).

Here is a link to the 4 wheel drive trail.

I’m actually toying with doing that drive trail (60 miles?) from Lake City to Silverton, hooking up with Adam at Sony Pass.  That may be a hoot!

This blog entry was started in June, 2016.  The trip to CO was canceled due to my need to have an immediate open heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve.  (I also started a blog entry about that also that I'll post later.)  This blog entry was never finished or edited. I posted it here for archival reasons.