Snow follow up

So, the #$@# FIT got stuck in the driveway this morning! In 1 1/2 inches of wintery mix! Going Downhill it slipped and slided – wanted to go off into the yard! I was able to get it to the flat part of the drive way before it got stuck! I could rock it back and forth, making progress about 1 foot at a time. Since it was then in the driveway blocking anything from going in or out, I couldn’t take the van and go to work. So, I rocked it to the end of the drive way where I could get it over and got the tractor out to clean the drive way up.

1 1/2 hours later I was able to get the FIT out to the road. Slipped and slided up the hill and then anti-locked the breaks around the corner going downhill to the main road. What a morning!
The rest of the day went about the same.
Got home around 8:00.
The dogs were ready for me.