Snow thoughts

So, the first winter storm is underway here. I it interesting how excited TV, people, and others get when it snows for the first time in Winter. Come on people! This is not a really blizzard. We will be luck to get over one inch. Some ice and freezing rain happens every year.

I have get up early to get to the store to get dog and cat food. Might as well see if there is some people food left after the first winter storm panic buying. Can’t run out of bread, TP and potato chips, can we?
The Fit is in the garage. The van is sitting outside cause the Kubota is taking up one bay and the mower deck in in the other. Hum, should I have built a larger garage?
Yes and no. Yes, one can always use more garage. No, one has to pay for it.
Time for sleep, I’m getting punchy.