Health status thoughts

Cardiologist visit

Last Wednesday I had my 6 mo Cardiologist checkup.  It has been 18 months since my Aortic Valve replacement surgery.  I was dreading this visit for my weight was up and I knew he was going to comment on it. I also wanted to have a conversation with him regarding reducing the dosage of the beta blocker I was on, for I felt it was limiting my hearts ability to respond to strenuous workouts, mainly treadmill work.  I knew this was a sensitive topic for him.

I was pleased my blood test results showed that my triglycerides was down significantly. This, I think, is due to my not drinking for the past month. I was wanting a ‘atta-boy’ and got a ‘of course, drinking messes with test results and the calories are bad.’ 

As expected, the visit was disappointing. My blood pressure was up, he didn’t like that.  He did comment that I needed to loose weight.  He basically scolded me for not working out more, “what’s keeping for exercising?”  I didn’t have a good answer other than winter, which was a lousy reason.

When I tried to talk to him about reducing my beta blocker dosage he scoffed at thought that the beta blocker was limiting my workout ability telling me that I didn’t need to work out that hard.  After all, I was 74 years old.  He told me to forget about training hard, eat less and exercise more in moderation.

He also thought I may be depressed and that I needed to fix that.  Why am I trying to work out so hard?  I should accept that I’m 74 and can’t do things a 20 year can do.

He did say my valve sounded good and to call him if I had any chest pain. 

He is a typical guy, doesn’t listen well.

I left depressed.